18 Apr 24 days 24 ways to enjoy GENKI-SU - Just add 1 tbs to your regular drinks or meal

I am often asked by many people "how to drink or use Genki-su" besides just mixing with water or sparkling water.  So, I want to share the recipes, what I normally do.  

Next common question is "why I drink vinegar?".  I don't think about I am doing the cleanse by drinking vinegar, this is just one of my daily habit, like taking vitamins.  

When you hear "cleanse", it might be intimidating... but my way, GENKI-SU way of cleanse is not doing something crazy for a short period of time, it it to create a good habit for your health.  Just simply add 1 tbs of vinegar to your regular drink, meal or snack once a day and you will clean and balance your body naturally.  

Good news is you only need to take 1/2-1oz vinegar and that does all works for you!

I am posting my daily recipes here.  12 oz GENKI-SU = 24 Days

You can follow me or be creative, make it your original.  I would love to hear your recipes as well!

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