18 Apr Stretch 4 Survivor - Genkisu helps yogis and yoginis going

My favorite aunt died on breast cancer almost 8 years ago. She was a working women, beautiful, sophisticated, never complained anything to anyone. She was my hero. She had some pains but didn't go to the hospital for a long time and one day she could not help holding the pain, and finally saw a doctor, told she had final stage breast cancer and it was too late to treat her. She refused any chemotherapy or medication, and suffered so much pain till she passed away. 

"Stretch for Survivor" was the yoga charity event with 24 different yoga classes over 24 hour period benefiting local women with breast cancer. I had a GENKI-SU booth at this event and had a chance to talk to many people, heard many different stories, why they came here, why they started yoga. I started yoga about 6 years ago and as a practitioner and an instructor myself, I understand so much benefits of yoga for the mind and body, and now I learned recent studies show that yoga reduced recurrence for breast cancer. I wish I could have done yoga with my aunt, even thought it would not save her physically, it would help her so much mentally. 

Started with a powerful vinyasa flow class with Jill Knouse, my mentor and great friend and I took couple of other classes with wonderful instructors while I was serving Genki-su drinking vinegar on site. 

One of the yoga classes I took at 11pm, Kimi Marin, she asked all of us, what brought us here tonight. Everyone had own story that either family member or friend died on breast cancer or has been suffering from it. We shared our pain and hope that many other women heel and gain strength. Yoga is just one of the ways to connect people, but united us at the moment. 

I was at the event for approximately 10 hours on and off but the founder of Stretch for Survivor, Tonya Priestly, herself is survivor of breast cancer, was there 24 hours straight. I was so touched with her passion of helping other women who are fighting for and recovering from the disease. 

Since I started my new business, there are some difficult time but this event reminded me why I started my business and why I practice yoga. I wanted to share my passion and help other by doing something I can offer : create drinking vinegar and teach yoga. Tonya told me I was very helpful for supporting her and this event, but I thank her back to have me there and encourage me a lot.

And a cute story to add.  Tonya's daughters were doing lemonade stand a few weeks ago and they secretly add Yuzu Citron Genki-su to their lemonade.  Then customers kept coming back to refill and saying " This is so good, something different but so good!" and girls told her mom, "we put the vinegar drink into our lemonade! secret ingredient".  Genki-su is like a healthy version of "umami" and I thought that was funny and made me a smile.  

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