06 May Red Carpet Affair for Pure Air

I lost my mom by Interstitial lung disease 6 years ago and I always wanted to support the research for the cure of this disease, and I was happy that I had an opportunity to support the fundraising event for the American Lung Association.

We slightly dressed up and enjoy the food, drinks, raffle and unique items from local vendors including our products.  

 Raw, Fresh Pressed juice from Portland Juice Press

 Essences, I love her leave in conditioner and facial toner

 Cute cell phone case that I use from O'Pearl Brands

 Pretty macaroons from Farina Bakery

 Fun wrist bands from Were Share

 Pretty Cheese cakes from Food Lush

 Tasty chocolates from Sweet Masterpieces

 Awesome photo works by Tristen Dyer

and more other vendors gathered to support the great cause. 

Genki-su may not be a direct cure for the lung problem, but I feel lucky that I can contribute someway to keep people be healthy by creating better products. 

I really want to thank to my friends came out to show their support and was grateful to meet new great people.







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