Local drinking vinegar company Genki-Su seeks Kickstarter money for expansion by Oregonian
Genkisu Kickstarter Funded!
A New Pack of Portland-Made Products
Genkisu Featured on Fab
KGW features Genkisu!
Genki Kickstarter Tart Tonic Funded!
Japanese Drinking Vinegar: Delicious and Good for You
Featured on Specialty Food Magazine Specialty Food Association in their “Food Trends” issue! Coming out in Sept 2013
Pucker Up, Buttercup by Tasting Table
Autumn/Winter 2015 edition of Bellwether Food Trends. Releasing in March 2014.
Japan native creates line of fruit-infused vinegar based on mother's recipes
GOOD about Unlocking Kickstarter
Oregon Live New Drinking Vinegars Are Refreshing
A Look Into Genki-Su Japanese Drinking Vinegar
Oregon Live Perfect Match Cocktail
OPB Master the Bitter and the Sweet
Cocktail Recipe: Dylon Tubb’s Sophisticated Rickey
ゆず、しそ、ショウガで元気に!ユニークなお酢ドリンクが海外へ by GIGAMEN : Unique Vinegar Drinks from Japan
Cocktail Collab
Yakuza Lounge
Yuzu Sour
FoodHub Connections: Genki Su gets Experimental with Seaview Cranberries
Izakaya: A Northwest Celebration of Japanese Pub Culture
Our dietitian Healthy Grocery Girl
COFFEH: Genki-Su!
Outgrow Me Genkisu
Fruit of the Vinegar: A Sweet, New Health Craze
COFFEH: Animal Freakouts with Genki-Su T-shirts, New Flavor Japanese Pear
Product review: Genki-Su Japanese Drinking Vinegar by Healthy Way To Cook
Genki-Su Drinking Vinegar Kickstarter by eatingmywaythruportland
Hot Links for May : delicious alternative to Pok Pok's drinking vinegars

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