Drinking vinegar before a meal has been said to help reduce appetite and improve satiety (satisfaction) with your meal, so you will eat less, and overtime this may help you to weigh less. The reason for this is because vinegar contains a nutrient known as acetic acid, which has been said to lower the glycemic index of foods, and therefore nutrients such a carbohydrates enter the bloodstream more slowly, and therefore contribute to a greater sense of fullness after a meal. Satiety is important for supporting weight loss efforts by helping to manage portion control.


Vinegar has also been known to stimulate and improve digestion due to its acidic nature. A recommended serving size is 2 tablespoons of drinking vinegar mixed with water daily, best first thing the morning or before a meal, in partnership with an overall healthy diet, exercise and reducing stress. While there is no magic pill for weight loss, there are many healthy steps and super foods, such a drinking vinegar, that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to improve your body’s optimal function, which in turn helps with digestion, weight management, energy and overall health.


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